Abolish Columbus Day

My favorite holiday has rolled out yet again, not Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or Easter.  My favorite holiday is the all time American favorite, Columbus Day! Yes the perfect holiday to expose another American hypocrisy. Lets go back into history real quick, say about 520 years. Columbus sailed across the ocean, got lost, and stumbled upon an already inhabited land. After his so called “discovery” he brings over more people who rape, kill, and infect the native inhabitants. So you are telling me they actually reward you for doing things like that?

I just find it funny how America continues to do its best to distort it’s ugly past. In elementary schools blatant lies like “Columbus like discovered the New World” are still being to taught to our children daily. Rather telling our children the truth about how Columbus came over and basically pillaged, they would rather give them this fairytale like story.

The fact that America still considers Columbus Day a federal holiday is ridiculously ignorant and racist. How we can we as a nation celebrate outright racism? After Native people suffered genocide from foreign settlers and the American government, they reward them by honoring a person who contributed their genocide.  We must have drastic change in America, time doesn’t heal all problems or even most of them. If we continue to ignore the ugly parts of America’s past, then we will be forever doomed at equality. Instead of honoring those who conquered or oppressed, let’s honor those who lives were lost, who families  were destroyed, those with lost history, the ones who already have tasted hell on Earth. Let’s honor the one who loved, we fought for right, who dared to dream, who lived for change.  Let’s make to respect the indigenous people of this land, the hell with Columbus Day.

About blacksankofa

Taurean Brown is an author, poet, speaker and activist. "You don't have to agree, but I want you to think. Just trying to speak what I believe is the truth, and it is always out of love."
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